Vintagey Shoes

I'm a pretty frugal person. Well, no. I lean more on the "cheap" side. I hate to spend good money on things I really want. I normally think "I can get 5 shirts for that!" or "$15!!! I would pay $10 but not $15". And this happens all the time. Regret is the norm when I pass up things I really needed or wanted. This is especially bad with shoes.

I wanted a 20s or 30s look to the shoes but I could not find any within my price range or were still available. The ones I really wanted I found on Pinterest but they're from Nine West like 2 years ago. I perused ebay and etsy to no avail and gave up. I'd have to find something else. I still adore them:

Imagine me as Gollum right now

Since I couldn't find them to purchase for myself, these ^lovelies^  became inspiration for the shoes I would finagle. JCPenney had something that worked!
They fit great, are very comfortable and were on clearance for $15! I decided I'd make these beauties work and brought them home.

Other than having an inner Tim Gunn "make it work" attitude, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but seeing the magic Deborah conjurs on Figgie Shoes, I was determined to paint my own.

I found some paint similar to the nifty aqua/ ice blue I liked and went to town

Yay Blue!
I washed it over with some pearl paint to make the ivory a little lighter then started to add some detailing that resembled eyelit leather. It didn't look a ton like real ones, but they turned out pretty cute.

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