*insert HUGE sigh of relief*

Finally, my 1780's Servant Ensemble is done and turned in! I don't know what the grade on it will be, but I'm anticipating a high B or low A. BUT!


The bodice went together pretty well, I'm very proud of the back:
The class this is for is Costume Pattern Tech. The goal is to create your own pattern for the garment based on a rendition provided by the designer. There were 15 people in the class; all making the same dress; in different fabrics. Since we each created our own pattern, there was a lot of variety in style lines. In the entire class, there were only two people who created a more complicated back to the bodice. Though I love the style lines I hate that I did the piping on each piece. It created a lot of bulk in one spot and made the piping uneven, but now I know what not to do.

 And so you can see the cute bump at the back :)

For the process pics go HERE and HERE

And now, I have 3 more final until I am officially on my 6 week break! Woo. Wish me luck, the sooner those get done, the sooner I can work on more of my projects for you to see. YAY

Almost..... therrre.....

I have been sewing like a mad woman to get this project finished. Currently I am done with the dirty work of the bodice and only have to insert the grommets at the front and tack down the seams of the sleeves. Next on the to-do-list is the skirt, of which I have the panels sewn together and need to make the placket for the opening and the waistband. The skirt is almost entirely cartridge pleated... oh joy. I have a long couple of days ahead of me.

Since I've been up until 5am most nights this week, I felt the need for a little entertainment. My mom and I dressed my brother up in my nearly finished bodice and took pictures. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do.

Isn't he beautiful?

Latest Happenings

Lately, my posts have been about everything under the sun except sewing. This is partially because I have had a fair share of homework and have not been able to work on a lot of my own projects. Lucky for you, I have been working on a project for our Period Construction class. Here's what I have so far:
It seems Mathilde's bust has deflated.
Yes, it's too large for Mathilde. The mannequin I used for the pattern is very busty and a size 8-10 (as Mathilde is right under a 5) Anywho, we are to construct a Maid's outfit in the theme of the 1780s. Since it's for the theatre, we have to sew it much differently than I'm used to. The Piping for instance. I am NOT happy about how it looks
The back seams are pretty,
just not the piping....

The piping is all uneven because piping is on each pattern piece; and that's hard to line up. UGH. It's done this way so that if the piece needs altered, the piping does not need to come off. Lovely for those to come, suckola for me. Despite the annoyingness of the construction, the color of the piping is pretty against the tan herringbone.

I must say, it's very interesting how things are done in the theatre world. Everyt garment is made for versatility and easy alterations. I'm used to just making the garment to fit, and that's that. Fortunately, the last two weeks have taught me to properly flatline pattern pieces, add boning to make a correct shape, without the period undergarment, and learn how to properly do princess seams. Very educational.

Soon to come: The piece is to have an attached peplum and sleeves (that look like she's wearing a white shirt underneath. A skirt is also next on the agenda.

Star Wars Amigurumi Patterns

Hello all,

I have had many comments and questions regarding my Star Wars creations. The main question people have being, "Can I have the pattern?!" My answer: eventually....

Right now, the Boba Fett and Jetpack patterns are near done; and I mean all the directions are there, I need to insert the pictures to finish (and that's pretty good considering all the homework I have to do too). But, for all of you "itching with anticipation", let it be known that I have a couple of hoops I have to jump through before I can distribute my ami patterns to the world.

Hoop #1: Lucasfilm Licensing. I have to make sure I am even able to sell Star Wars patterns before I make them available for y'all. I need to make sure that I'm in the clear and won't get sued.

Hoop #2: Copyright. My patterns need a copyright. There's a lot of scheisters our there that may steal my pattern and resell it as theirs or sell the end products, and that's not fair :(  I plan to get this done quickly, but I have to hear from Lucasfilm first.

Hoop #3: Figuring out how to sell them in the first place. I've thought about setting up an Etsy site or selling them only on ravelry but I'm not exactly sure how it works I've also thought about doing it by email/paypal, but again, D: I don't know what I'm doing quite yet.

So, my fellow Crafty Star Wars Fans, My goal is to make the Boba Fett and Jetpack Patterns available by the second week of November. Don't hold your breath on it though, as I cannot make any promises on the exact date and time it shall be available. So, check back often and enjoy a lovely picture of a Scalped Darth Maul!
Scalped Darth Maul!!! D: