Patterning and Props

I just reached the end of Winter Quarter and I'm now on Spring Break. I'm kind of sad because I really enjoyed my classes, but I get to share with you some of the things I did last quarter! YAY!

First off, I took a Apparel Patterning class. The goal of this class is to eventually be able to look at a picture and come up with accurate and sew-able patterns for any outfit. We learned how to drape and flat pattern. I'm so thankful to have formal instruction on these techniques. Our final project was to choose 2 of 4 dresses to pattern out and mock up in half scale. I chose these two:
Using a mix of draping and flat patterning, I was able to create these half-scale (think big doll sizes) dresses which are really cute:

I was pretty proud of myself since I managed to make these just by looking at the pictures. Unfortunately I had forgotten to put pockets on the 1952 dress :( I think it would have been much cuter with the pockets.

The other class is Theatre Props Techniques. Earlier I had made a Leather Mask, it was a really cool experience. The 2nd project was to be either Millinery, Felt Armor or a Fiber-Glass Helmet. The Millinery spots were taken within a few minutes :'(   so I decided to do a Star Wars Project, naturally. Now I'm working on a Boba Fett/Mandalorian Helmet (if you don't know what that is, click this link). Our instructor wasn't in for the first week, which spurred us all into lateness getting our helmets done. But because of this he told me to take an Incomplete so that I may finish it nicely. He didn't want me to rush and compromise the quality, as I was "doing very well" so far. So here is my progress:

 The helmet is made from Fiber-Glass and Aqua-Resin. I still have to cut out the rest of the T, paint and add some finishing trinkets to make it look it's best. I have 6 more weeks to finish it, so I'm excited to get it done!


I cannot tell you how wonderful it is now that the cold has finally subsided. It's currently in the high 60's, which feels like a heat wave compared to the below-freezing temperatures we had not two weeks ago. At the moment you can wear whatever you want to and you'll be fine (unless you're naked of course). Because of the fabulous weather, my mom and I went into town for a few things, and came back with.....

My mom's chickens are getting older, so they're aren't as productive in their egg laying. We purchased 8 chickies, 3 Silver Laced Wyandots, 2 Road Island Reds, and 3 Black Sex-Link Chickens. We're pretty excited. My mom wants to get some Bantams soon, but we have to wait until the farm stores get them in. I also took some pictures of our other animals today, since it was so nice. I hope you enjoy the pics! 

Princess and Joel
Joel sniffin my camera
Emma being the sweet and adorable goat she is

Finished Leather Mask

I finally got some pictures of my leather mask I made for a prop's class I'm taking. The spirally thingies are millinery wire painted gold. If you want to see some of the process CLICK HERE