Leather Working, Props class

I have been avidly working on my newest project, which needs to be fully finished by Monday for a grade. I am working on a leather mask for my Theatre Props class. I'm actually baffled by how easy it is, it's just VERY time consuming. Here's what I hope my mask will end up looking like:

The inspiration for this was from a Venetian Mask website I really, really, really, really love this mask.

I decided to make it a half mask as it uses less materials and is easier to wear.... As for the process, the leather has to be soaked and wrung it out many times. When it finally feels like a slimy tongue it's ready to go. After the soaking you have to drape it over the form and lace it tight so it won't move for further shaping:
After you have pressed and smashed the leather to the desired shape all you can for 1-3 hours (and by this time your hands and forearms are begging to stop) the leather can then dry overnight. After the drying there are even more lovely, time consuming things that need to be done, which shall be in the next post. When it's all dry and shined it looks like this:
I find this to be a very, very creepy mask at the moment. It looks like a lobbed off a mummy face!

In other, less scary pictures, I'm going to show off the 2 hats I made over the winter break. They are both crochet and are basically the same and I want to make more of them!

Well, that's all I have for now! Have A Wonderfully Blessed Day!!!!

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