Ahhh, 2010. I honestly didn't think the world would last this long! But it has. This New Year has also brought some really great changes for me.

For one, I changed my major. Originally I was in the Piano Pedagogy program at OU. I started fine, but after a while I realized that there had to be another path for me because I was simply MISERABLE. I love piano, but not enough to make it my profession. I turned to the "Bachelors in Specialized Studies" Program at OU. This is a great way to tailor a degree to your needs/wants. In short, I chose to make my own major :)  The major I created is Historical Costume Construction and American History with a Minor in Piano.

So far I AM LOVING this quarter/major. All of my classes are great. I'm taking Patterning Techniques, Theatre Props and Accessories (in this class I'm learning to make leather masks and millinery!), Costume History A (ancient times to 1900), American History 1600-1865 (my favorite times!), and Piano Lessons. I enjoy the classes and the homework. Which is a good thing, because I have a lot of homework this quarter.

I feel more grown up all the sudden. It's weird. I will be turning 20 in February. 20!?!?!?? I don't know if I can handle that....

My next post will most likely be Leather Mask-related. STAY TUNED! WOO

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