Alternative Bathing Habits for Water Conservation

I was originally going to do a post all about my Crochet Storm Trooper's progress, but I thought I'd share about my new "thing" I'm into...

I live with my parents (because tuition is cheaper), and our water bill was outrageous about a month ago. My mom and I, who have a soft spot for natural resource conservation, have been talking for a long time about changing our "wasteful American Habits". I found an article on about bathing habits after I started my new nightly ritual.
The article isn't really about bathing, yet it has some info in there:

...on our trip to NJ the next week, we stayed with friends who were in the process of remodeling their one bathroom (beautiful small house built in the 1930s). The shower was useable, but still not quite finished, so I decided to put myself to the test: instead of a shower, I used a washcloth, warm water from the sink, and soap to do the job.

This is the approach I have been using for the last month. A washcloth and hot water with soap. That's it. Now, you have to have a little background from me to understand why I think this is AMAZING.... I Hate Showers. I always have. Before I only took about 3 showers a week. I would try to go as long as possible without taking one because I hate it so much. The reason for this hatred? I have no clue, but I know that I do see them as a waste of time and not very rewarding. My new approach to bathing is this:

Every evening get some hot water in the sink with just a little bit of soap, not enough to be soapy or sudzy, but enough to make it smell good. Wash your entire body with a well wrung-out washrag.

Wash hair in tub when needed.

Take one bath or shower on Saturday (so I'm nice and clean for church the next day)

I was skeptical at first because I thought "There's no way that that's sanitary". But honestly, I feel cleaner and more refreshed doing things this way versus taking a shower every day. It is also good for the environment. So anyways, I like it, comment if you will or try it yourself and tell me what you think!

Finished Caraco Coat thing

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I finally finished my Caraco Coat thing on Saturday. I had been putting if off because I thought the final task of hemming would be awful (as I did it by hand) but it didn't take me too long. Instead of doing 3 tabs in the front I decided to stick with 2 and make it a bit more interesting. I wanted the tabs to look more like an Open Pelisse that's present in a lot of Regency movies, I made the top tab/strap sloped to give a prettier and more feminine look to the outfit, because the straight straps were BORING. I'm very happy with the result, I'm just not sure if I need to embellish it! I definitely want to do something with the sleeve openings, but not sure what? Any Suggestions?

I took many many "vanity shots" (photos of yourself) because I was so excited with how it looks. Not bad for my second dress ever made! :)

Caraco Coat Progress

I've been sewing like mad on my Caraco Coat. I finally got some good pics too! The lining is done, the outside is done, they just have to be put together and embellished. I do not have the "strap thingies" done for the front quite yet, they will be done tomorrow. Forgive the frumpy-ness of my get-up, it was 1am when I was taking the pictures.


I'm kindof excited too b/c I can also do this with my Caraco thing:


Petticoat and Project

I have finished my dark blue petticoat, basic in it's entirety, and now I have finally chosen what I'm to do for the bodice. I have 10 yards of this wonderful fabric:

and I'm going to make it into something like this:

I'm going to have a separate stomacher to show on the top and bottom. The stomacher will be reversible, one side the same dark blue as my petticoat. I drafted the pattern pieces and fit together most of the mockup. The pictures I took were laced with green so I'll put new ones in my next post.

Piano Repertoire '09

It's funny how the title is "Music, Corsets, and Star Wars", and I've not yet post a single music post. Maybe I assumed it wasn't as important as the others? idk

For my major, I have 2 juries a year, one at the end of Winter Qtr. and the other at the end of Spring Qtr. Last year I was ill prepared (I was a poor, uninformed freshman) for my juries because I had no idea what the heck was going on. So this year I made a list of the songs I am to play for my juries. The one's I'm working on are these:

Haydn Piano Sonata in C major (HOB XVI: 48) written: 1789

Schumann Kinderscenen Op 15 (13 scenes) written: 1838

So these are going to be memorized and played for my winter jury. These pieces are much easier than ones I have played before. I was told that I play too "fingery" and that I am to change my technique or else I'll injure myself, and easier music gives you more freedom to do that. It's really hard to unlearn your 13 year old habits so it's kind of a frustrating process.

Eventually I'll record myself and post the videos on here. Eventually.