Finished Caraco Coat thing

YAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!! I finally finished my Caraco Coat thing on Saturday. I had been putting if off because I thought the final task of hemming would be awful (as I did it by hand) but it didn't take me too long. Instead of doing 3 tabs in the front I decided to stick with 2 and make it a bit more interesting. I wanted the tabs to look more like an Open Pelisse that's present in a lot of Regency movies, I made the top tab/strap sloped to give a prettier and more feminine look to the outfit, because the straight straps were BORING. I'm very happy with the result, I'm just not sure if I need to embellish it! I definitely want to do something with the sleeve openings, but not sure what? Any Suggestions?

I took many many "vanity shots" (photos of yourself) because I was so excited with how it looks. Not bad for my second dress ever made! :)

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