The Alexander Tone Definites Tour Georgia, 2010

This is ATD
I don't know why I have never mentioned this before? Silly Amber... but I have been a part of a choir program for my highschool for 5 years. It is a year round, audition based, after school program that performs all genres of music, from Jr high level music to college music, we do it all. We call ourselves the Alexander Tone Definites. I started my sophomore as just an Alto, but when Ken (the director) found out I had been playing piano for 7 years, he put me to work accompanying the group. I have been accompanying for 5, was the student director my senior year, and for the past 2 years (now going on year number 3!) I have been the Assistant Director.

Every year we fund-raise the heck out of everything and go on a trip as our big finale, with little to no charge (b/c we fundraised it all!). Our "tours", as we call them, have taken us to Canada, NYC, Indianapolis, Charleston SC, and Wash. DC. Some cool things we've done is workshopped and sang with the Cast of RENT, had a Concert with Cantus, and Sang the National Anthem for different kinds of sports events (to name a few NBA Indiana Pacers game, Minor league soccer games, a Lake Erie Monsters game, etc).

This year was special though. Our tour took us to Atlanta, Georgia to sing the National Anthem at an Major League Baseball, Atlanta Braves game!!! It was a really awesome experience.
The students really enjoyed it. I was proud of them too. :)

Other than the Braves game, we went to Asheville, North Carolina to see the Biltmore Estate. It was the most magnificent piece of architecture I've ever seen. It was so much more impressive than any cathedral I've been in, and any mansion you see on TV. If you ever have a chance, GO SEE IT. And be sure to take a tour to the basement, cuz that was the coolest part. The kids really seemed to be interested in it too.
Side View of Biltmore, with my chaperone group, and Mom (in the red)
We also went to the MLK Jr Historical Site... and where, we took a jump shot:

We went to the Museum of Coca Cola
 We also went to the Oatland Wildlife Reserve, on a Savannah GA Ghost walk... AND.... a DOLPHIN CRUISE.
yep, that's a real dolphin.
Apart from just being tourists, we did sing a bit. We sang at 2 nursing homes while we were down there. At the first one, their piano bench was wayyyy too low for my 5'2'' self to be able to reach the keys effectively... So, in their Southern Hospitality, they kindly found me 8 phone books to sit on :)
8 phonebooks.
At the top, the first pic you see in this post, we're performing at a 3 story living community/nursing home. It was quite impressive. We also sang for the Captain and First Mate of the Dolphin Tour-boat.
performing, on a boat.
Singing to the Cap'n
We had a really great trip and we're looking forward to next year!
Alexander Tone Definites, 2009-2010

Finished Batik Project

Woo! The final boiling process is done, and now I can submit my Batik for a grade. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out, but it's my first one so I guess I shouldn't be so picky. (if you've not seen the first part of this process and want to, click here )

While is was boiling, I was happy because the color was still dark
It ended up much lighter than I expected
I was hoping for a really rich, dark navy tone. I added peacock blue and a lot of black to the normal blue dyes, and it somehow ended up this light color. :(
The lines are far from perfect

 But I'm really pleased with the brushstrokes and the scarf part. woo!

Civil War Day 2010

Every year my 8th Grade teacher hosts a Civil War day for her students and I have been part of the festivities for the last 4 years. I normally teach on what life was like for those at home during the 1860's while some reenacting friends/classmates of mine teach on the battlefront aspect.We've had the local newspapers interview us before, but this year I finally got some pictures of us in action!
Matt and Dylan
Matt and Dylan talking to the students about loading the gun
The "Reenactment"
The "Charge"

 My portion starts out with some facts about how people lived and whatnot, then I got to the fun part, which was dressing the girls up in the outfits. I dressed the volunteer with all the layers and let them wear the skirt I made a while back. They seemed to really enjoy it.

There's a petticoat after this, but is no picture of it   D:
The Whole Get-up

It's a really fun thing to do, and I hope to do it for many years to come. I just need to get more hoops, skirts and corsets so I can have an army of 1860's gals. YAY

A trip to D.C.

My boyfriend's parents decided to go on a "family" trip to Washington D.C. I've never been there before and had a pretty grand time. Here are some pictures to document it
The things that boy does for me :)
A very small corset that I plan to recreate
Helen Taft's Inaugural Gown... gorgeous.
An early Mary Todd Lincoln gown
C3-P0 from Return of the Jedi :)
Flowers from the Botanical Gardens
Devin being all cute
Me in an "Artsy" pic... and squooshed face
His only picture with a real smile... and giving me bunny-ears.

I hope to go back for a longer trip and do some more sightseeing. If any of you have suggestions of things to see, please let me know!