Civil War Day 2010

Every year my 8th Grade teacher hosts a Civil War day for her students and I have been part of the festivities for the last 4 years. I normally teach on what life was like for those at home during the 1860's while some reenacting friends/classmates of mine teach on the battlefront aspect.We've had the local newspapers interview us before, but this year I finally got some pictures of us in action!
Matt and Dylan
Matt and Dylan talking to the students about loading the gun
The "Reenactment"
The "Charge"

 My portion starts out with some facts about how people lived and whatnot, then I got to the fun part, which was dressing the girls up in the outfits. I dressed the volunteer with all the layers and let them wear the skirt I made a while back. They seemed to really enjoy it.

There's a petticoat after this, but is no picture of it   D:
The Whole Get-up

It's a really fun thing to do, and I hope to do it for many years to come. I just need to get more hoops, skirts and corsets so I can have an army of 1860's gals. YAY


Stephanie Ann said...

It looks like you guys did a really good job. It is events like these that really get kids into history even if they are too cool to admit it to their friends!

Mordia said...

Hi there! I've seen you around Ravelry a few times and got linked here and was just puttering around. I just wanted to say that I ADORE the blue dress. It's gorgeous. And also I am very jealous of the people who get to be a part of your talk. Sounds awesome.