This has nothing to do with much, but it's cool. I scanned my face and this was the outcome:
It's like I'm stuck under the ice!
My hair looks cool


!!!!I am going to be interning at Colonial Williamsburg this summer!!!!

I will be working in the Margaret Hunter Millinery/Mantua Maker Shop, making lots of pretty things and being far away from home! AHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so excited :)

The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop
 Part of the reason I am ecstatic about this opportunity stems from my visit to Colonial Williamsburg when I was about 11 or 12. My family and I had gone to visit and I wanted a dress like the girls had in the brochure that we had. So we all went over to the Margaret Hunter shop to check it out. I was overwhelmed when we first walked in. There were ladies at the counter, all dressed to the 9's in their Colonial Outfits, embroidering diligently on Lady Dunmore's gown. Off to the corner, I remember a little girl, about my age, also working diligently on a little something. All at once she got up in excitement and said to the nearest lady at the counter, "I think I figured out how they do this!"  Can I tell you how jealous I was of that other girl???? Very. I wanted to be at Colonial Williamsburg, working on something, while wearing pretty clothes..... And it turns out, that little hope I had as a child is going to come true!

Now, I only need a place to stay/sublease/rent. I haven't had much luck in the 2 days I have been looking, but hopefully something will turn up.

Darth Maul Amigurumi progress

 I've been working here and there on Darth Maul's face since winter break started, and decided to scrap what I had originally made to make a new one. Here's the original flub:

it's truly disgusting.
See how grotesque it is? It looks like the clown from the SAW movies with red and black detailing. Gross!

After inspecting my fail, I decided that I used the wrong hook (which is why the thing was as big as my own head) I was color changing wrong and I didn't really think about what I was doing while making it. This time I've thought it through, am color changing correctly (I think?) and I'm using a much smaller hook, which produces much cleaner results :)

Here's what I've got so far:
muuuch better.
I'm able to get a little more detail and sharpness in the lines about his face, all due to the smaller hook. The rest of the detailing will come with embroidery, as there's no way to get such lines in color-changes.

The contours of the head and face are also
very nice this go 'round
Contour. This is something the original dearly lacked. It was really just a big ball with color changes that I stuffed and cinched to get somewhat of a face and produced a weird lumpy head and nasty, nasty face. This one looks much better :) I'm hoping to finish the head by Friday. Woo!


Today, I turned 21. Can you guess what I did for my birthday?
Only what every girl would do....
 I made an apron for myself! 
Pretty Cute huh?
The inspiration was from Jessie Steele, an apron site I happened to find a week ago. Her aprons are adorable and ever so classy. I simply had to make one.

This is the one I like the most:
Jessie Steele Black and White Apron

......so I decided to make it Sailor style, because I love sailor stuff.

Fabric wise, I used some leftover navy fabric from my 1780's Caraco/Petticoat and some white bias tape. For the skirt, I used a flared half apron from the 50's as my skirt pattern template. The pocket was a quick whack-job of an applique
*NOTE*I've never done an applique before and just barreled through it, only looking at a tutorial for applique's after I had it already been attached 
For the Bib, I draped some muslin for the pattern, giving a dart on each side, to give it a little more shape. It's only cute if it fits!
and in 6 hours and 2 seasons of the office later....
I'm sorry I don't have any construction pics. It was an "on-a-whim" project that I was so focused on finishing, that taking pictures was the farthest from my mind. I plan to make a couple more aprons and experiment with different fits. I'll be sure to take more pics for the coming ones.