!!!!I am going to be interning at Colonial Williamsburg this summer!!!!

I will be working in the Margaret Hunter Millinery/Mantua Maker Shop, making lots of pretty things and being far away from home! AHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm so excited :)

The Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop
 Part of the reason I am ecstatic about this opportunity stems from my visit to Colonial Williamsburg when I was about 11 or 12. My family and I had gone to visit and I wanted a dress like the girls had in the brochure that we had. So we all went over to the Margaret Hunter shop to check it out. I was overwhelmed when we first walked in. There were ladies at the counter, all dressed to the 9's in their Colonial Outfits, embroidering diligently on Lady Dunmore's gown. Off to the corner, I remember a little girl, about my age, also working diligently on a little something. All at once she got up in excitement and said to the nearest lady at the counter, "I think I figured out how they do this!"  Can I tell you how jealous I was of that other girl???? Very. I wanted to be at Colonial Williamsburg, working on something, while wearing pretty clothes..... And it turns out, that little hope I had as a child is going to come true!

Now, I only need a place to stay/sublease/rent. I haven't had much luck in the 2 days I have been looking, but hopefully something will turn up.


Rebecca said...

We are so cool!
I'm going to Mackinaw and you're going to Williamsburg! I hope that you will take great pics and keep us posted!

Stephanie Ann said...

My friend is interning in Williamsburg this summer too. How fun! I'll have to give him your blog so at least he'll kind of know another person there.

The Dreamstress said...

Congratulations! You lucky, lucky thing! I can't wait to hear all about your adventures there!

Amber said...

Thanks guys!

Stephanie, when will he be interning? How has his luck been with housing?

Stephanie Ann said...

He's doing militia. I'll have to ask him about the when and where. He was just excited that he was going to have a new set of clothes for everyday of the week--where we work now, we wear the same outfit every day (very colonial.) :D

Amy Lynn said...

Williamsburg us very nice and there's lots to do up there when you're not working. I live in Norfolk, which is about 45 minutes south of W'burg (depending on traffic). You'll enjoy it!