I cannot tell you how wonderful it is now that the cold has finally subsided. It's currently in the high 60's, which feels like a heat wave compared to the below-freezing temperatures we had not two weeks ago. At the moment you can wear whatever you want to and you'll be fine (unless you're naked of course). Because of the fabulous weather, my mom and I went into town for a few things, and came back with.....

My mom's chickens are getting older, so they're aren't as productive in their egg laying. We purchased 8 chickies, 3 Silver Laced Wyandots, 2 Road Island Reds, and 3 Black Sex-Link Chickens. We're pretty excited. My mom wants to get some Bantams soon, but we have to wait until the farm stores get them in. I also took some pictures of our other animals today, since it was so nice. I hope you enjoy the pics! 

Princess and Joel
Joel sniffin my camera
Emma being the sweet and adorable goat she is

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