*insert HUGE sigh of relief*

Finally, my 1780's Servant Ensemble is done and turned in! I don't know what the grade on it will be, but I'm anticipating a high B or low A. BUT!


The bodice went together pretty well, I'm very proud of the back:
The class this is for is Costume Pattern Tech. The goal is to create your own pattern for the garment based on a rendition provided by the designer. There were 15 people in the class; all making the same dress; in different fabrics. Since we each created our own pattern, there was a lot of variety in style lines. In the entire class, there were only two people who created a more complicated back to the bodice. Though I love the style lines I hate that I did the piping on each piece. It created a lot of bulk in one spot and made the piping uneven, but now I know what not to do.

 And so you can see the cute bump at the back :)

For the process pics go HERE and HERE

And now, I have 3 more final until I am officially on my 6 week break! Woo. Wish me luck, the sooner those get done, the sooner I can work on more of my projects for you to see. YAY


Stephanie Ann said...

I don't know how you can get a B on something so beautiful!

The Dreamstress said...

Very cool! The back is really, really beautiful. I hope you get a good mark on it!

I love the new theme: it's very, very clever and you. However, it makes it really hard to read the post! It is possible to make the middle part solid so that you can read the writing better?

The Dreamstress said...

Much easier to read!