Running in the Rain

As some of you may have heard, the midwest is in the middle of a pretty good storm. Although most Ohioans don't consider themselves part of the Midwest per se, we are... apparently. Anywho, this storm was pretty bad and we Athenians got hit pretty hard today.

So, back on track (haha. I made a funny)... I recently decided to start jogging 3 times a week, in hopes not be winded when I walk up a flight of stairs. Today was the first day of my weekly regimen and I was excited. The day was beautiful, un-seasonally warm (76 degrees F) for October, and wonderful gusts of wind that though powerful, felt incredibly soft and comforting.

I had a piano lesson at 10am and it was there I learned from my instructor we were expecting a nasty storm anytime from 3pm-6pm. My break between classes being just that, I was saddened but resolved that it was too nice outside at the moment (being 10am) and that the storm would simply be a later one; after my jog.

As my class ended at 3pm, I noticed the clouds being very dark over yonder and thought "Oh WOW. That's a little nastier than I was expecting." but since there was no rainfall in view I enjoyed the walk to my car, taking my good ol' time. I got to my car to change into some gym shorts and put on my shoes when a few raindrops started to fall on my car. Determined as I was, knowing the storm wouldn't start until after 4pm when my jog would be over with, I started on my jog. I decided to take the route I always had because I know it well. Guess what!? This route happened to be directly toward the storm.

I started running. Again, I was very happy with myself for running in the first place and secondly deciding to go on such a lovely day. The women's lacrosse team was running towards me, pretty darn determined to go way past where I was and in a hurry. What could this mean? Hmmmm.... I took no warning, shrugged my and resolved that it was only because the winds were too gusty for their lacrosse practice. I continued. I got to my first landmark, far away from my vehicle; and the sky DUMPED on me.

When I say DUMPED, I mean DUMPED. And here I am, way too far from my car to sprint to it. Wonderful. I've been completely soaked to the bone in less than 10 seconds. But being as wet as a person can possibly be, I tried to enjoy the sloshy experience and turned back; despite being peppered by the HUGE raindrops and little acorns tossed about by the wind.

Finally I got to my car. The sky is still dumping. I look in my car for some sort of drying tool... Nothing...No towel. What do I do now!? I don't want to drive my car anywhere because the seat will be drenched and I don't want a wet bottom going home! What do I do? What do I do!?!?!? Unfortunately, I had no other choice. I had to dry off somehow. So I hopped in my car and drove to the nearest building with a bathroom close to the main entrance. I luckily had an extra shirt and jeans in my car, so not all hope was lost. BAM. I sprinted to the bathroom.

Sigh. Finally, I thought, all is well. Then I realize that a very vital element to my comfort was amiss. The Hand Dryer. D:  Ugh. Here I am, soaked to the bone with no way to dry before I get back into my dry clothes. What did I do, you ask? Funny story actually...Ahem....I ended up standing in one of the bathroom stalls for 10 minutes, using toilet paper to dab the extra wet spots dry. .....yeeeeaaaah.. :-\ ...Finally, after all that, I pulled on my jeans only to realize that there were 2 decent size rips in some very inconvenient spots. The crotch and the butt. Sigh. My underwear was completely drenched and not on me. Needless to say, this made for a very awkward evening of concealing the holes in my pants for fear of major embarrassment.

The Moral of the story, my friends? Always have extra clothes in your car, including underwear. You never know what will happen to you. :)

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WildWeazel said...

...and this is one reason why I have extra clothes, including underwear, in my car.