Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween Folks!

I slept in until 11:00am this morning because of the festivities last night. Devin and I went to the Athens Block Party. Unfortunately I have been so busy this quarter that there was no time to make a good costume for both Devin and I. Devin put on a straw hat and I finagled a "gypsy" costume together. A lot of people didn't know what I was... but oh well. At least I didn't look gross. Here's some pics of my costume.

I had on 6 skirts, a long sleeved black sweater, 2 pairs of thigh length socks and my corset (laced with different colors of ribbon). I was pretty warm actually.

a tad blurry but oh well
I also carried around a black/gold shawl that I used as a head covering at times. I love that piece of fabric.

AND I HAVE A BINDI!! I love bindi's and whenever I have an opportunity to use one, I jump on it.

Here's to the end of another October and a Happy November!

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