Ohio Renaissance Festival, 2010

I'm sure my followers are familiar with Renaissance Festivals and  the like. Well, this past week I went our very own, 21st Annual Ohio Renaissance Festival.

I meant to take more pictures than I did (which is normally the case), so I'm going to steal some pics from Google Images.

For those who are unfamiliar with a Renaissance Faire, let me enlighten you... Renaissance Festivals are known for being a gathering of many different types of people. Many of the comedic performers make reference to a Renaissance Faire as being " a gathering of misfits; freaks if you like". It's really just that, and those that are the so called "misfits" or "freaks" will openly acknowledge/embrace the title. It's fabulous.

I've never been to another Renaissance Festival other than the one in Harveysburg, Ohio. Devin, Jeff and I had a blast. This is my third time at the RenFest, and was the best by far.

  The performers were WONDERFUL. I was rofl, if you know what I mean. I'm being completely serious; I was a laughing idiot at every show I attended. The first show we saw was Saffron Finch (aka Rob Williams). You may have heard of him, he does a lot of odd tricks and has a great sense of comedic timing. His tricks are very odd, but have gained him a bit of fame. Jay Leno? Donnie Osmond? What do they have in common? this Rob guy made a bologna sandwich for both of them, with his feet.

Dirk and Guido, The Master Swordsmen were very entertaining as well. They came immediately after Saffron and were just as funny.

 The funniest part of our venture was the pyro show, by performer, Thomas Wood the Pyro Juggler.  He does a lot of different tricks including eating fire, contact juggling, regular juggling, and random oddness. While we were there, it rained and was very cold. My coat was in the vehicle, which was way away in the parking lot. It would have been too late to go to the car to get it because we were wet through within about 10 minutes. While we were shivering and chattering, Thomas asked us all to stand up and stretch to get our blood flowing. It was a trick. He was demonstrating how we should look then he grabbed my hand and chose me as his victim.
He juggled some things over me, but this wasn't even the best part.

He asked who I had come to the Faire with, and chose his next victim. I had come with my dearest Devin. MWAHAHAHA.
Latex Glove. Scary face on a Stranger. Devin blindfolded. Devin laying down.
Seal and a club. Box labeled "Danger Explosives".

Is there any wonder I was a laughing idiot? The final part of his act was:
Machetes, Devin unaware, Me blindfolding the man holding the machetes. It was hilarious. Believe me, you shoulda been there.

Other than the shows, we ate from The Breadbowl; which offers various soups in breadbowls. We walked around to the different shops, watched a joust and Devin and Jeff both bought.... SWORDS.
 We had a great time. I suggest you go, should you ever have the chance!

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