Highschool Artwork: Paintings

Sometimes I feel like there is nothing to blog about. Then, while being in a completely random place I find something to blog about. Today's topic is going to be part of my highschool artwork, Paintings. There are a few different types of paintings, watercolor, acrylic, etc. These were all done 2005-2008. I thought I would share them with you.

First ever watercolor painting
Beginning Art Class
I'm certainly not a "gifted" painter but I paint better than I can sculpt. So, when working with my paint I prefer to have a bit more control. Watercolor just gave me anxiety. Since we were getting graded on it, I had to have my painting perfect. It didn't come out that way and isn't even close to the rain forest photo I used for inspiration.
3D Painting
Beginning Art Class
I really enjoyed working with acrylic paints because I had more control. The above painting was a completely original composition, the only direction given was 3D. I instantly thought of a beautiful neck with some huge jewelry decorating it. I loved working with the chocolate tones. So warm and comforting. I used wood for the larger pieces, beads for the smaller, and the circles are from an 80's bracelet with spiraling copper wire. For some weird reason my canvas was cardboard and is now extremely bowed. :-\ And still, although not anatomically correct and missing some beads, this remains one of my favorite pieces.

"Chicken Dumplings"
Favorite Foods Challenge
Advanced Art
Terrorized Chickens.
My mother's favorite composition, "Chicken Dumplings" is from my junior year Advanced Art Class. Each quarter we were given a challenge, this one being Favorite Foods. I remember one person did a sculpture of Tacos (from Taco Johns) at war with McDonald's foods (background being that on one of our roads, the two restaurants are across from eachother). Everyone came up with some good ones. But back to my piece, it took me an hour to think up, compose and finish, the night before it was due. Felt tip pen and crayola watercolor paints (thank God my mom had daycare art supplies) and viola! A!!!
Wacky Sun
Advanced Art
This piece was out of boredom, and you can tell. It's got a lack of composition and the black is far too much of a contrast with the very pale, creamy, yellow of the sun. Done with acrylic, I like the reds and oranges and the dark red dots emphasizing my brushstrokes.
"Dream Flower"
Advanced Art
The "Dream Flower" was just that. I had a dream with this form in it and promptly sketched out the shape on the nearest piece of paper I could find. It ended up being a really neat piece. Acrylic paint and 2 weeks of class to finish.
"Henna Kokopelli"
Advanced Art
My favorite piece I ever did is my Indian henna inspired kokopelli. He took a great deal of time to do and I had to wittle down brushes to get a really fine line. Done in acrylic. This is the only picture I have of him, which is really unfortunate. I sold the painting to a teacher who has since moved and I have no way of contacting her for more pictures. I hope to recreate this painting so I have my own copy.
"Henna Chair"
Advanced Art
The best detail shot I could get
 Although not a painting per se, but along the same lines, is my "Henna Chair". I was offered to use an old chair of my art teacher's for a project and was delighted. Done right after my Kokopelli I ran with the same designs. The original plan was to cover the chair entirely with the white details but the chair took 2 months to get as far as I did. My eyes were starting to go crossed by the end of the two months, so I decided to call it quits and hand 'er in. My teacher was pretty impressed (at least he seemed to be) and insisted that we enter the piece into an art competition and my chair went to finals! I didn't win anything, but saying that my piece made it to the state finals was pretty fun.


Stephanie Ann said...

They are very good, I was really sloppy in high school with art. The time constraints just killed me. They look really great and professional.

The Dreamstress said...

I love the chickens! You should turn the terrorised chickens into a card!