This past week, on a kind of whim, I decided to cut my hair much shorter than normal. And I must say, I. LOVE. IT.
Didn't my mommy do a fabulous job?
My hair is rarely above mid back, normally falling right above the waistline of my pants. I've only had it cut "short" twice since I was little. It's amazing how free you feel after having 8 inches cut off. That's right, 8 inches. I swear, I weighed myself after the ordeal and I had lost 2 lbs. I don't know if it was actually the hair's weight or just my excitement prevented the scales from picking it up.
The most recent pic of my long hair.
(It was longer than this, but you get the idea)
2 lbs of hair.
 I am in love with my haircut, if you couldn't tell. I also want to thank my mother for being creative and awesome enough to handle such a job, as I don't trust anyone to cut my ridiculously thick hair. Thanks mommy!


Stephanie Ann said...

You look good with it long and short. It looks cute short.

TravisChristian said...

I approve of this haircut.