I haven't posted in a long time because I've been working diligently on Yoda and Grievous. Yoda was finished this morning, and good thing too! Because, he was being given as a present to my cousin today!

While I was working on the Storm Trooper earlier in the summer, He started getting all excited over the prospect of having his very own Yoda, who is his favorite character. He went into such detail and got so excited just talking about it, I simply had to make it for him. Well, HERE HE IS FOLKS!

*he has magnets in his hands so that the "Force is with Him, Always"*


All in all, it took no less than 72 hours of work... most likely more. But it was all worth it to see how happy my cousin was to have his own Yoda. Definitely worth all the effort! :)

Here's the sneak peek of what's to come!

 Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya!

(If you would like to see more photos... here's the link)


Charleybrown said...

Hi Amber!
Your Yoda is ADORABLE!! I'd love to have one like that. He was cute in Star Wars but now he's beyond cute. well done!

Anonymous said...

Damn, Amber.
I hope you wrote down the pattern, cuz I wanna!!!!!!!!!

Lisa said...

wow. this yoda is amazing! can i have or buy this pattern from you? thank you.

Lisa said...

hi. i think i posted the first comment without it letting you followup to my email. so, i'm posting again! please let me know if i could have or buy the yoda pattern. it's awesome!!!

Amber said...

Hello All!

Unfortunately I didn't write down the pattern to Yoda as I did with Boba Fett(and now working on Darth Maul and Chewbacca).

I hope to make another Yoda in the near future so I can write up the pattern for y'all.

Stay tuned though! And thanks so much for your interest :)

Burnhill said...

Oh yes please - I NEED that pattern!

Ruth said...

I am with the others that want the pattern I have a grandson that loves Yoda. will be watching for it

ximenagtriana said...

hello i need this pattern!!!!! ! i would like to buy it!! is it possible?? pleaseeeeeee!! ive been searching for it but the rest of yodas do not compare to yours, this one is amazing!!! Can you contact me via email?? ximenagtriana@gmail.com thanks!

cris said...

hello, Amber!
First of all, congrats for your yoda. Is adorable!!
I've been waiting for your pattern for a long time... But I can't wait any more! I'm going to be mum in february andI need it for my baby!!

Ivy said...

If you ever write down the pattern I am one that would also like to have it...this would be a great addition to my grandson's Star Wars collection...