Star Wars in Concert

I just got back from attending one of the most AWESOME events I will probably ever attend... Star Wars in Concert. I had a really great time. Not only was the music completely enrapturing, but the lights, the accompanying video, and the fact that Anthony Daniels was actually there was great. Below are some of the pictures and a video of what it was like to be there. And HERE are the rest of them if you wish to look.

My Favoritist Character in the Whole Wide World

The Flash Happened to Censor out any unwanted materials

Me with Han... Ain't he cute?

Jeff and the Ewoks... He's just like them :D

Devin and Jeff, the Storm Troopers got'em

They have been frozen in Carbonite... Still alive... we think.

I have a video that I'll upload soon! but for now.... May the Force be with You

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