Pumpkin Post '09

Behold......... MY FIRST JACK-O-LANTERN EVER!!!!!

Ya, this past Friday was the first time I've ever carved a pumpkin. Crazy, I kno. I have wanted to carve pumpkins since I was little, but my parents just never got into it. I never voiced that I wanted to, so I'm sure they would have obliged had they known. To be honest, they didn't offer because of the stress and mess of the adventure. So how did I find my first pumpkin carving experience?

It was great. I was with two friends of mine, and we had a blast! I didn't mind scooping out the innards or anything. I thought it was all very cool. As for my theme, I didn't want to do the "normal" jack-o-lantern faces cuz quite frankly... I'm far from normal. I chose Princess Leia only because I couldn't draw a Darth Vader for the life of me. I think Leia turned out pretty alright. I had fun doing it, and look forward to pumpkin carving again next year!

Upcoming Event:

This next weekend is Halloween, as well as the Infamous Athens Block Party/Halloween 'celebration'. I have never been in my 19 years of living, and this year I'm going to change that fact.

We (My Boyfriend and I) have been commissioned, by his older brother, that we are to accompany him and his friends to Block Party. So, what are we going as?!?!?!? an 18th century couple!!!!!!! I'm very excited to see my Handsome Man in a redcoat and breeches ;) very excited indeed.

It shall be the debut of my 18th Century Outfit and his first experience to wear 18th century stuff. We know a guy who has an entire outfit for that era. So we're borrowing. (if he likes it... and even if he doesn't...I'm going to make him a gentleman's wardrobe ;)

Music Wise

I have found some very beautiful music on Youtube and I'm going to share it with you.

^^^These^^^ pieces are just wonderful! I can listen to them all day

The first piece above, I'm arranging for piano and violin so that My violinist and I can have it in our concert for the end of the year! GORGEOUS.

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