Rebel Symbol Scarf

YAY! I finished something this break! A Rebel Symbol Scarf!!!!!!!
The scarf was a request made by Devin (above) because he got a wonderfully grey peacoat and needed a scarf to make it complete. In 6 hours I created and finished this scarf while watching the BBC's Wives and Daughters.

Awwww, isn't he adorable?!
Hoorah for accomplishments :) My next post shall be my hand-stitched petticoat, so STAY TUNED


Stephanie Ann said...

I love it! Right now I'm working the Harry Potter "dark mark scarf." It's so cute is that crocheted?

Amber said...

It is crocheted! It was a really easy whip-up. :)

Maggi said...

That turned out really great! I need to start playing around with more SW crochet ideas. lol

I thought Wives and Daughters was a pretty good movie, caught it on Netflix Instant. :)

Carlin said...

I just randomly stumbled across this, and am totally enthralled by the scarf. Would you be willing to sell the pattern?