Painting and Dyeing Fabrics Class

In one of my classes we are learning different techniques regarding changing fabrics colors/patterns/etc. I have so far, learned how to do:
            1) Hot Process Dyeing (and color matching)
            2) Stamp making
            3) Stencil making
            4) Screen Printing

Here are my finished projects
Who is your daddy?  
The above image will be on a shirt very soon. I've wanted a shirt with this image on it since I was 14 and I can finally have it! YAY!!   I was able to freehand this by looking at a photo of Darth Vader by only drawing the negative space (what would eventually be white in the stamp). I believe it turned out pretty alright ;)

This is my stenciling. The original design was a Slipper Pattern from Peterson's Magazine, 1864. I repeated the pattern to make a pretty border. Here's the original image of the slipper image:

The latest thing I've done is screen printing. I decided to do another image from Peterson's Magazine. I chose a fashion plate, that I find gorgeous.
My version ended up being this:
Hopefully soon, it'll be on a shirt too! I really like this image.

My next project for the class is batiking. I found a really pretty batik wall hanging picture that I'm going to try to recreate. It should be done next week. We'll see how it turns out :)

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Stephanie Ann said...

I love all of them. That shirt will be cute. I want one. You'll have to open an etsy store. I love the fashion etching too.