Cloning Oneself

Another project I have been working on is a clone-dress form. I think I made it a wee bit too complicated, but I can show you what I did.

Materials so far:
2 rolls of duct tape
1 Cheap segmented floor lamp ( I got mine for $10 at Oddlots)
6 canisters of insulation foam (buying a bunch of polyurethane foam would probably be cheaper)
1 old shirt
2 pieces of wood
1 empty toilet paper roll (jut the cardboard middle)

To start, I covered myself in duct tape, with the help of this tutorial.
This is an earlier dress form of me in a corset.
After my mom cut the duct tape off me, we made an internal structure to support the dress form's shoulders and to help it stand straight. The T is two pieces of wood drilled in a T. The tall part was drilled out in the center and a segment from the lamp is glued into the hole. The T went inside the duct tape shell with the top of the T in the shoulders and the insulation foam is sprayed in to keep it secure. It was really hard to make sure that the T didn't stray from the center. Since the T is meant to screw onto the stand it needs to be as straight as you can make it.

The foam had to be done in sections to fill everything out. Before I did the final foaming, I added the TP roll (picture below). After the foam finally dried I traced the bottom of the form onto some cardboard, cut a hole for the toilet paper roll then duct taped it all in place.
I taped the TP roll to the lamp segment then filled it the rest of the way with foam.

The form is slightly bigger than I am b/c I've lost a little weight since the taping. But a little extra room can't hurt! lol

That's what I've done so far. I plan to cover it with some batting and muslin when I get a chance. But until classes are over, it must be put on hold.

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WildWeazel said...

props for TP roll and duct tape