This is a post about my doggie, Virgil. He's a miniature schnauzer that we 'rescued' from Petland. He's the cutest thing! First I'll start off with a little background....

One day about 3 years ago, there was a little dog that was wandering around the road in front of our house. My brother noticed it had a collar and my mother coaxed it to the house. He was a Standard Schnauzer with the most wonderful disposition. My dad fell in love (odd to say but it's true). We eventually found the owner, who was ecstatic to find his wonderful pet. After that day, my parents started browsing a Petland near us. On a whim, my dad bought our first schnauzer.

A year after that, they bought another one. Many would think this to be insane, buying animals on whims, but my dad is just that way.

Last November, my family went into Petland again and saw an ADORABLE tiny salt and pepper schnauzer. He was soooo little! We played with him, and despite him being a little scrapper (biting at my shoes and such), I fell in love with him. I told dad that I was willing to take money out of savings to pay for him, but he was really expensive ($900 on sale). I became sad and thought that was the last I'd see of him. I decided that if he ever got to $500 that I would buy him. It was a long shot but I knew if it did happen, it was meant to be. Low and Behold, My dad surprised me with the puppy the Saturday before Thanksgiving. (he had talked to the manager of the store and brought him down to $500)

What a surprise it was! I woke up and dad plops this tiny ball of fur into my arms. I didn't know how to respond, except a huge smile on my face.

Now, this puppy has not been an easy task. He has been a turd from the get-go. He is over a year old now and still decides he's going to pee in the basement when he feels like it >:{ But he is quite adorable and we love him to pieces.

One of my dad's favorite movies is Tombstone. He likes all the old westerns, like John Wayne and such. However, Tombstone is especially wonderful. It has been a family favorite and we watch it all the time. When we got our first schnauzer, I thought his muzzle looked like a handlebar mustache. So I came up with, Wyatt(Earp). My dad loved it. Keeping with the theme, we named our next one Doc(Holliday). I'm a lover of themes, no matter what. So, when I got my own bundle of joy, it was a toss-up between Morgan and Virgil (Wyatt Earp's Brothers). If you've ever seen the movie, you'll know why I chose Virgil. Sam Elliott is all salt and peppery in this movie (and is Virgil Earp)... and so is my Virgil.

Virgil is...

1) A Scrapper. He LOVES to pick a fight with Doc and Wyatt.
2) Tiny. He is a stubby, short little thing. About 10ish inches tall
3) Studmuffin. He likes to pee on things still. He has "Napoleon Syndrome" ;)
4) Adorable. We can't walk by him without gawking at him still, even tho we've had him for a year
5) Uncuddly. He likes to be pet, but will leave the moment you cease to pet.

And so, with a very long post...That's the story of how Virgil came to be my doggie.


AlohaAroha said...

Awww....soooo cute! Way better than posts on pillar cysts!

So how does Virgil get along with cats?

Amber said...

He tries to play with them... (AKA starts a fight) He's never been in a big one. I won't let him haha