So, right now I have this crazy itch for 18th century stuff... so I'm busting out things left and right and having fun doing it. :)

note: A bumroll is another undergarment used in the 18th century. It was used to give the illusion that a woman had larger hips and rear, a sign of fertility (so they say).

Here's my bumroll and how I made it:

1 Old Pillow case
21 plastic bags


Time to prepare:

45 min.

I got my idea from this site on how to measure it. It says to take a measurement of your hips, and take away 4 inches. This measurement (28 inches in my case) is what the inner oval shall be. From there I modified because the lady who makes this is 5'11'' compared to my 5'2'', and I would have looked ridiculous on me. At the very back of mine, I measured 5'' from the center oval. On the sides, 3'1/2''. Then you just connect the dots to make the crescent shape

then you cut it out:

then sew it together according to the directions on the site and stuff with your plastic grocery bags:

sew up the opening and add ties:

TAAAADAAAAA!!!!! bumroll.

This was totally easy and thrifty and I like it :)


WildWeazel said...

hahaha bumroll :p

AlohaAroha said...

This is awesome! And a great use for all those extra plastic bags I have around the house!