18th Century Under-Petticoat

Yet another addition to the 18th century pool... This is an under-petticoat worn over the bumroll. Here ya go!


2, 72''wide White Curtains purchased at a thrift store
something for ties


Time to prepare:
2 hours

I chose to use curtains because they are already hemmed and I happened to come across a pair of lightweight, cream ones. This petticoat has 2 ties, to be tied on each side of the hips.

First I measured from my waist to how long I wanted my petticoat to be, about 37'' for me. I then measured from the bottom (already hemmed) part up to the disired length. You cut the whole bottom off of it from there. You need to do this twice to get a nice full petticoat. The width of the curtains were 72'' so my petticoat's circumference is 144''.

From there I took the sides and pinned them overlapping eachother, zigzag stitching from the bottom all but 6'' at the top (on both sides), to keep the petticoat smooth.

For both the front and back, the fabric needs to be gathered to the centermost part of each tie, leaving enough on each end to tie to the other portion. Sew that down and finish with whatever method you see fit. I just surged the tie to the fabric and was done with it.

Again, this is another AMAZINGLY THRIFTY thing to do that took no time at all! :) It makes me so happy

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