Summer Sewing part 1

I don't have a job this summer, so I'm going to fill it with projects! YAY! Some of these include,

1)Make a clone of myself
2) Make a Day Dress for my mother
3) Make at least one apron
4) Put together some undersleeves

Last night my mom and I started on the clone. It took a good 2 hours to wrap me up and cut me out of it. Then afterwords it needed to be closed up and stuffed. My, Oh, My. It was quite an ordeal, and to boot... I looked like a Protocol Droid (C-3PO). but The end result is quite amazing. I HIGHLY recommend doing this for yourself. It only took me a roll of duct tape, some old newspapers, and a friend to help me. The benefits of this are endless too! You can make stuff for yourself and fit it how you want it, without being awkward trying to pin things on yourself... You can hand this clone to a friend who's making you something if you don't want to go thru the trouble of fittings... You can put your costumes on it for the heck of it... I tell you, it's endless... and AWESOME.

So today, I made use of my new self... I put on some 1860's bodices on it and drafted a pattern for a new bodice. I kind of wanted to just go with it and do an experiment... so this is what I did....

1 Clone
Bodice (optional, but be cautious if without. you better have an insane knowledge of 1860's clothing if you decided to go without)
Common Sense (mandatory)
Plastic bag(s)
Sewing Pins

I cut the plastic bag below handle to the bottom. Cut the fusing of the corners and pull apart to reveal a perfect new corner! If you do this to the other side and you have a nice big piece to work with.
 Then, Take the bag and place it over the clone where the bodice piece would seem to go.

I pretty much just draped my pattern with the plastic bag. I'm sure others have found this way of doing it, but it was a revelation to me! I was quite proud of myself :)

That's as much as I've done so far. Tomorrow I shall cut the pieces out of my new grey fabric and hopefully get most the pieces together.

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