I couldn't hold my silence any longer. With taking 19 credit hours and also having to practice at least 3 hours a day on my instrument, I find it hard to find the time to do anything but school and piano. But I did make some time to purchase over 70 yards of fabric a couple days ago.....

I had heard for about a year that Wal-Mart stores would be getting rid of their fabric section. I took this as a farse and didn't heed any warning. Turns out, the entire stock of fabric at our Wal-Mart was 50% off as well as trims and ribbons. They are discontinuing ALL fabric at Wal-Marts... So y'all need to buy it up. I decided to buy more than 70 yards. :0

I was surprised myself, I came in expecting to spend about $40-$50 on some fabric that I couldn't pass up. Well... they had so many nice fabrics that are all cotton that are perfect for Historic Gowns/Dresses. soooooo I got 2 bolts of some really nice fabric each for $1 per yard! JACKPOT. I also purchased many nice canvas prints that I plan on using for either purses or some 18th Century Corsets (ranging from $0.75-$1.50). And then of course there are other odds and ends of fabrics that can be used for Aprons or whatever I want. I'm excited.

So how much did I end up spending? $137.58 but I have some fabrics for some reaaaally nice projects. :D

NOW, all of this is well and good. I rid Wal-Mart of their unwanted textiles, but what does this really mean? This means that we(the people of Athens, Ohio) HAVE to drive more than an hour to get to a fabric store, and not even a nice fabric store (more quilting goods than anything). This makes me more sad than anything. So, since Wal-Mart kicked Jo-Ann's out in the first place... since there's no more fabric around, hopefully Jo-Ann will be nice and come back to us. WE NEED YOU JO-ANN!

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