The 3rd Annual Civil War Ball at the Athens County Historical Society and Museum

Saturday was the Athens County Historical Society and Museum's annual Civil War Ball and I had a great time! I didn't take a TON of pictures, but I took a few. This year I loaned my grey ball dress to my friend, Lizy, because she fits it in it perfectly. I wore my blue plaid ball dress with a bouquet/corsage and a flowery headpiece that I put together in a few hours before the ball (inevitably I leave it up to the last minute).

I based my headpiece to be similar to

Headdress and Matching Bouquet- MidCentury French from
The Museum of Fine Arts Boston

 And the headdress on the lady in yellow, below:

1858 Petersons Magazine
 And here's what I ended up with!

Right Side

Left Side
Back (With fake hair)

The Ultimate 1860's Selfie
The dancefloor halfway through the night
'Twas a good night!

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