Photo Friday

Happy Black Friday everyone! I will not be partaking in the festivities, but if you are and you need a little break from all he fun, this post is for you.

Today we are going to take a look at one of my favorite composers of all time. I give you, Johannes Brahms.
Johannes Brahms, ca 1853, 20 years old.

Rarely do we come across early photographs with exceedingly beautiful people, but Johannes proves us wrong. Here he is at 20 years old, lookin' fine. *I found this picture on My Daguerreotype Boyfriend.... which has many tasty pictures of fine looking men of years past*

I've played a couple of pieces that he composed. One of them being Rhapsody in G minor, op79 no2, which I played 5 years ago for my audition into music school.

Happy Black Friday!!!!

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