A really old wedding gown...

 The video has expired and I cannot find it anywhere on the interwebs. This is the article  where I found the video... Sorry to disappoint!
edited Sep 2011

This morning I was perusing the internet and came across a video that I found interesting. So, I've brought it to you.

This young woman is the 4th generation to wear this wedding gown. I'm not sure if I would choose to wear it for my wedding; but if I did I would surely wear the proper undergarments! By watching the video, it seemed they didn't wear them. I don't mean to dog them about their decision to wear the gown, but if it were me, I'd pull out ALL the stops for it.

What do you all think? Would you wear this gown for your wedding?


Katie said...

It says the video has expired.. :(

An Optimistic Cynic said...

Video isn't working, but you raise a good question anyways, lol. Personally, I'd want my own dress, but then my taste and my mother's/ grandmother's are NOT the same at all.