Ophelia Bodice: finished

 Hooray! The time has come to show you the finished pictures of the Ophelia Bodice! After 2.5 weeks of working on lots of beading and tucking the finished product was sent to Santa Fe on Friday to be graded. And here are the pictures from an impromptu photo shoot right before it was sent away. My mom was the photographer and did a fabulous job :)

This pose was mom's idea.
I'm pretty happy that it looks almost identical
to my concept drawing

I thought she was only taking a pic of the bodice, not of
my face with it
 My mom thought it a good idea to take the other curtain and wrap it around as a skirt, so the pictures would look a little better. It did help the photos, but you can still see the creases!

I've got a bit o' giraffe neck goin' on.

I was trying to pose as my drawing, but closed my
eyes at the wrong time :(
 The following pictures are not the correct color, but thought they were fun and should be included in my post XD


I think I saw a fox in the field, which is why I'm squinting...

Close up!!!!

I can't wait to get it back and start the skirt portion! But I need some undergarments first....hmmmm


jennymcardle said...

So beautiful!!

Gemita said...

Me encanta como te sienta. Y el peinado est√° genial! Me recuerdas a la hija mayor de Downton Abby (serie BBC ;))

The Dreamstress said...

OOooh! Gorgeous! I love how the combination of colours came out in real life!