Final Project: 19-teens "Ophelia" Gown Bodice

I'm taking a Specialty Sewing Techniques course, which consists of different couture techniques and finishing methods. This is what I'm making for the final project:

For the project, we have to use at least 4 techniques we have learned in class and apply them to a blouse/shirt type garment. My techniques will be tucking, piping, beading, ruching and hem treatments. I'm going to make the gown in two pieces for now and put the two pieces together to complete the gown... just at a later date.

The turquoise silk cost me a mere 5 bucks for 6.5 yards!
Discounted Drapes. BOOYAAH!
 It's a vest type garment in a powdery turquoise silk with attached sleeves in a nice creme chiffon and ruching in net at the bust. There will be a copious amount of delicate tucking as trim in the blue silk and in the belt part. I'm also planning to have a beaded motif on the sleeves and overlay for the skirt. Look at the the beads I got! They go so prettily with it.

The colors are a little more muted in real life.

I was initially inspired by the actress Miss Lily Elsie. Her gowns and pictures are phenomenal. 

She has Rachel Weisz' profile.

How perfect, right?

My second inspiration was the idea of Ophelia. Whenever I think of Ophelia (from Hamlet) I think of water lilies and consequently Lily Elsie.
I don't really care about the title, just the design.
It's so pretty!!!
The project has to be sent to Santa Fe, NM by June 3rd... leaving me 2 weeks to get it finished. Luckily, I only have to send in the bodice :D No sweat!


The Dreamstress said...

Drool! I'm a huge Lily Elsie fan too - what a fabulous inspiration. I have to disagree about her having Rachel Weisz profile though. Rachel has Lily's profile!

Your colour scheme, and particularly the nasturtium inspiration image, really reminds me of the works of Heather Masters and the other NZ Arts and Crafts artists. Their work is mainly 1930s, but Arts and Crafts arrived a little late her.

Check out some of Heather's work at Te Papa:

Amber said...

Haha, pardon the anachronism! Rachel Weisz has Lily's profile, you're quite right :)

Those pieces are FABULOUS. My color scheme is spot on with the Heather Masters pieces. I hope my color scheme is okay for the 1910's though! I just thought it was pretty!