I'm in a BOOK!!!

Hello friends, I wanted to announce that I have been blurbed about in an official Star Wars Book!!
 In Feb 2010, I was interviewed via email, by Bonnie Burton, to be featured on the Official Star Wars blog. I had been checking that blog every day for 9 months and was somewhat disappointed that I hadn't seen anything on there yet. Then I got the email that perked up my spirits... She had chosen to put me in her newest book, The Star Wars Craft Book! It came in today.....and here I am!
If any of you get a hold of the book, I'm on page 102 and am featured for my General Grievous. As a Star Wars fanatic, I can't tell you how honored/excited/awesome it feels just to have that little blurb in there :)
Aside from me, there's some awesome crafts that I think I may do in the near future. My faves are the Cantina Band spoons and Ewok Hat. AHHH, I want to make them noowwwww!!!! I was like a nerd at Comic-Con. ( BTW, I will attend in the near future). Other features include blurbs about Sammi Resendes, Kayla Kromer, and Amanda Jean Camarillo. All of which have made some pretty awesome things. 

All in all, the book is a great book for adults AND kids, I highly suggest you purchase it.

Speaking of Star Wars, I have a new shirt to show off:
A surprise gift from my friend Travis of Debugging-Life It has become one of my favorite shirts of all times. Thanks man!

Phew, What a day... What. A. Day. :D


Stephanie Ann said...

Congratulations, You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Nice Job Amber! I was a bit shocked by the dog pictures on the side of your site...after I realized they were my dogs!! Nice pics too :)

Mary said...

Congrats! This is really ironic though because I went to the bookstore in my town today about an hour ago to get a craft book and that's the one I got. Crazy!!! :P

The Dreamstress said...

Congratulations! That is awesome! Your knitted Star Wars stuff is pretty darn cool!

An Optimistic Cynic said...

Congrats! That's totally awesome!