Stash Hats

The past few weeks (well, months, really) I've been on a crocheting kick. It started mid-December with a long overdue project a student in my choir has been bugging me about for the last 2 years. She has told me over and over again that she would like a hat.... A pointy one. It's her senior year and her last year in the group, so I figured I would give in to her pleas.

This is what I made her: 
A very pointy hat.
It took only a few hours to do because it's a relatively simple idea. I chose the purple Caron Eco-Friendly yarn I had in my stash to go with her coat and I think that purple is a good color to describe her; happy, funky, and original. The hat is my own design and is about 2 feet in length. I think she looks adorable in it. Don't you?! She's such a tiny little thing; so it looks all the cuter on her :)

Just chillin' with my gnomies

Then my friend Travis came back to Athens for his Christmas Break and told me "You still owe me a hat". I completely didn't know what he was talking about and he informed me that it was mentioned a long time ago that he wanted me to make him this hat:
Jayne Cobb, from the TV Series: Firefly
That hat is knitted of course; and alas, I cannot knit at the moment. So I compromised and made a hat kinda similar to a knit look with the help of a pattern on the internet that I cannot re-find for the life of me.

Cunning? Very.
It was all done the very evening he "reminded" me of it; with scrounged up yarn I had in my stash. I made it while watching the BBC Version of North and South,a GREAT miniseries, and gave it to him the next day with his Christmas present. I think someone had an awesome Christmas... wouldn't you say? ;)

 Last week I was inspired by a lone piece of ribbon and decided to whip up a hat for myself! Yay! The ribbon has some really wonderful blue and green hues and couldn't get idea out of my head. So, I looked through my stash and found some yarns that would go beautifully with that very lovely ribbon.

:) Smile, Amber! C'mon,
we know you can do it!
Altogether it's 4 different colors and 3 different types/weights of yarn; bamboo fibers (the blue, and ohhhh so soft), Caron 'simply soft' (the dark green, very soft as well), Red Heart Super Saver yarn (the 2 lighter greens, itchy and scratchy and stiff) and the Ribbon of Inspiration (which can be seen in the 3rd photo)

This is how I normally wear it
I was a little nervous at first working with yarns that I've never put together before but I think it worked! I started with the middlemost spiral then switched yarns and stitches when needed. It consists of alternating single crochets, double crochets and puff stitches in different rows to get most of the effects.

The back... a "hipster snail" as one of my friends
called it

In 6 hours I had a fabulous new hat!!! Now that the basic bit is done I kinda feel like I should add some more things to it. Hmmm... Maybe some more ribbon? Beads? Embroidery? I don't know. It needs a little something to give it some"pizazz".....Or maybe I'll just wear it like this? a Crown!


Anna said...

I really like them, I ndever have the patient to knit. But it looks awesome! You made some peaople very happy.

Stephanie Ann said...

That hat you made for yourself is gorgeous. I can only knit at the moment. (When I crochet it just looks like a bunch of knots, I am amazed that someone found out that you could make things like that.)

You'll have to try the Glengarry cap.

The Dreamstress said...

Those are all fantastic - especially the Jayne one! And your hat looks so adorable on you!

Travis Christian said...

Hey! That's my hat!

Rebecca said...

Now you can find her in any grocery store!

Danielle said...

Soo I'm in love with this hat. Do you sell your hats?