Cabled Scarfelette Pattern

This is a pattern I came up with while making my mom and her friends Christmas presents. A Scarfellette is a small scarf that is buttoned. It requires less yarn than a long scarf and is relatively quick to make up. Estimate about 4-5 hours.

Chain= ch
Half-Double Crochet= hdc
Treble Crochet= tc
Front-Post Treble Crochet= ftc 

 Hook used: G (4.25)

~ftc's will always be connected to previous ftc (2 rows down, previously made) except in row 5
~the term over-cable is the set of 2 ftc's that are most visible/forward; while under-cable means the set of 2 ftc's that you cannot see (they are under the over-cables)
~Row 3 is basically an area for button holes, test your buttons to ensure fit.
~Row 5 and 7 will not equal 18 stitches, this is okay. Simply skip 2 stitches (in the middle of Row 6 and 4 stitches in Row 8 to equal 18. {{Some have commented that they did not run into this problem}}
~This pattern can be repeated to create a full length scarf; repeat Rows 5-8 then end with Rows 4, 3, 2, 1.

 Cabled Scarfelette:
Row 1: ch 19
Row 2: hdc 18, ch 2
Row 3: tc (in back) 18, ch 1
Row 4: hdc (in front) 18, ch 1
Row 5: hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 2,( SKIP 2 STITCHES and ftc 2, then ftc 2 in SKIPPED STITCHES underneath previous ftc)*2, hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 2, ch 1
Row 6: hdc 18, ch 1
Row 7: hdc 2, ftc 1, hdc 3, ftc 2 in over-cable, hdc 1, ftc in next over-cable, ftc 2 in previous under-cable, hdc 1, ftc 2 in last under-cable, hdc 3, ftc 2, hdc 2, ch 1
Row 8: hdc 18, ch 1
REPEAT ROWS 5-8 until scarfelette is 2 feet long

Sew in buttons on 1 side of the tail end 2 1/2 inches apart 


If you have ANY problems with this pattern working out, let me know! I would like to make it as user friendly as possible :) 

** Please feel free to make this project for gifts, but  
the finished item or pattern. If you choose to pass along this pattern, link my blog!**

General Grievous

I recently finished my General Grievous. His body is completely crocheted, with a sewn cape. He is very large, about 3 feet tall. I couldn't get all of him in the pictures, so just know he's much bigger than what the pics show. His arms and legs have wire in them, so he is fully pose-able. Enjoy!  :)

The original: 

My version^^ 

There ya have it! My next project shall be Boba Fett. I'm uber excited!!!!!


If you haven't heard, The eastern coast of the US got pummeled with snow. We got a little more than 8 inches. O.O   We've not had a now like this in a long-o time.
Isn't this a pretty picture? The sky was nice to me.
An 18th Century Wig perhaps?

Mom's goats not-really-enjoying the snow

The Deer in the snow...

 Virgil in the snow...

More snow....

And we're getting more snow as I type. UGH. I'm about sick of it now!  At least it's pretty right?

Living History

I've decided to post an old, but relevant video. This is of some fellow reenactors and I at our local junior high school, teaching about the Civil War. The boys and I have been participating in this for over 5 years and enjoy every moment of it.   Also in this video is my most favorite teacher, Mrs. Redefer. Without her I would have never found my passion for history. Enjoy!

Leather Working, Props class

I have been avidly working on my newest project, which needs to be fully finished by Monday for a grade. I am working on a leather mask for my Theatre Props class. I'm actually baffled by how easy it is, it's just VERY time consuming. Here's what I hope my mask will end up looking like:

The inspiration for this was from a Venetian Mask website I really, really, really, really love this mask.

I decided to make it a half mask as it uses less materials and is easier to wear.... As for the process, the leather has to be soaked and wrung it out many times. When it finally feels like a slimy tongue it's ready to go. After the soaking you have to drape it over the form and lace it tight so it won't move for further shaping:
After you have pressed and smashed the leather to the desired shape all you can for 1-3 hours (and by this time your hands and forearms are begging to stop) the leather can then dry overnight. After the drying there are even more lovely, time consuming things that need to be done, which shall be in the next post. When it's all dry and shined it looks like this:
I find this to be a very, very creepy mask at the moment. It looks like a lobbed off a mummy face!

In other, less scary pictures, I'm going to show off the 2 hats I made over the winter break. They are both crochet and are basically the same and I want to make more of them!

Well, that's all I have for now! Have A Wonderfully Blessed Day!!!!