My Life's Soundtrack

This is one of the note fads going on about the Facebook scene... Since it deals with music, I couldn't help myself.... here goes......

(one puts their digital music library on shuffle and the songs in order are listed under these headings...)


Opening Credits:
If We Will Follow Him~ Veggietales

Waking Up:
The Immolation Scene~ John Williams.... this is from the Soundtrack of Star Wars EpisodeIII

First Day at School:
Sonatina in Gmajor~ Antonin Dvorak. (it's a playful tune)

Falling in Love:
Stayin' Alive~ the BeeGees

Losing Virginity:
I Think I Love You~ the Partridge Family
HAHAHAHAHA... that's too bad.

Fight Song:
Forbidden Nectar~ Nacho Libre Soundtrack
i am lame indeed.

Soaking Up:
Hakuna Matata~ The Lion King

Chasing Cars~ Snow Patrol

Can You Feel the Love Tonight~ Elton John
ooooooh yaaaaaaa... i love elton. :)

Mental Breakdown:
I Will Survive~ Aretha Franklin
that's oddly fitting yet unfitting at the same time.....

Bare Necessities~ The Jungle Book
i love my music selections.

Keep Walking~ Veggietales (Joshua and the City of Jericho)

Getting Back Together:
Victory Celebration~ John Williams Star Wars EpVI: Return of the Jedi
this is like the best song in the WORLD!

LOVE~ Nat King Cole

Birth of a Child:
Beauty and the Beast~ from the Disney movie of the same title
my child will either be beautiful... or hairy

Final Battle:
I'm Blue (da ba dee) ~ Eiffel 65

Death Scene:
The Racer Roars to Life~ John Williams Star Wars EpI: The Phantom Menace
that's pretty acceptable for my taste. :)

Funeral Song:
Ride to Valkyries~ Wagner
hahahahaha, quite an eventful funeral

End Credits:
He Lives in You~ The Lion King (broadway)
a good one to end with i must say...

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Check List Revisted

In an earlier entry, posted around the holidays of 2008, I had given a list of accomplishments to pursue for that long Winter Break that OU so graciously gives. I promised to post with my progress, and have yet to do so until now. Here goes...

1) make 2 chemises.... CHECK!
2) make 2 Pairs of drawers... FAILED (not even attempted)
3) Rig previously bought Skirt from ebay....CHECK! it looks rather nice now.
4) Learn to crochet.... CHECK! I have found a very enjoyable past time and I am now
attempting to make an "Imperial Symbol Scarf"... this is a Star Wars thing. and I'm uber excited to finish it!
5) make 2 under-petticoats..... semi-CHECK! the chemises I made are long enough to serve as under-petticoats.... go me!

the picture is what my living room looked like with a rather odd looking rig. It's a lampshade, with a hoopskirt and petticoat on top of it... this made it easier to add and pin the ruffles.
his is the original skirt I bought from ebay... it's very basic and boring and wasn't long enough for my hoop. My solution to this problem: Add a ruffle to the bottom. this gave it the proper length for my hoop and made it look a little more accurate to days of the Civil War.

This is the *almost* finished skirt. ^^^^^^It has a draw string waist which I intend to remedy a wee bit. This skirt is to be used for presentations to 8th Graders at my old Middle School. I come in during the Spring and give a presentation on Women's Life during the time of the Civil War. This skirt is going to be used for girls to try on so they can experience things a little better :) I am going to keep the drawstring waist but I intend to disguise it by some strategic pleating and seams that will also make it usable for any reenactments my mother and I should go to. (The sash in the photo is not a real sash, but a piece of scrap black fabric. I just needed something to "complete the picture".lol.)

Some time later I will add a more complete "Civil War Reenacting on a Tight Budget". This will show the hoop, bustle pad and chemise(s) That I made work. TOODLES!